BRCC Board of Trustees

The members of the Blue Ridge Community College Board of Trustees are appointed for four-year terms by various government agencies to provide a balanced representation of the people served by the College.  This Board provides oversight for the operation of the College and the administration of local and state policies and statutes. The Board is also responsible for the stewardship of the College's physical resources and property.

The Board meets on the second Monday of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Appointed by the Governor

  • John C. McCormick, Jr., Chair
  • Dee Dee Perkins
  • Sandy Tallant
  • Richard "Duke" Woodhull, Jr.

Appointed by Henderson County Commissioners

  • Chip Gould
  • Bill Ramsey
  • Andrew Tate
  • Stan Cooper

Appointed by Transylvania County Commissioners

  • Jeremy Gibbs
  • David E. Clavier, Ph.D.

Appointed by Henderson County Board of Education

  • Ken Butcher
  • Kohlan Flynn, Ed.D., Vice chair
  • Betty Gash
  • Patricia Jones

Blue Ridge Community College President

  • Molly A. Parkhill, Ed.D.

Student Government Association President

  • Cynthia Garcia-Tamayo, ex-officio, non-voting

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