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Dean's List

To qualify for the Dean's List, students must be full-time student with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

The following students listed with program of study and county of residence were named to the Dean's List for academic achievement at Blue Ridge Community College for Fall Semester 2014.


Ryan Dewes, Criminal Justice Technology


Mona Peters, Interpreter Education


Emilie Allen, Interpreter Education

Richard Bolinger, Networking Technology

Jenna Cole, Cosmetology

Makena Hess, Emergency Medical Science

Karlyn Hunt, Emergency Medical Science

Erin Kinard, Interpreter Education

Brett Malenchak, Accounting—Pathway to WCU

Kristen Medlock, Associate in Science—Wingate Pre-Pharmacy

Trevor Pressley, Automotive Systems Technology

Zachary Rhew, Associate in Fine Arts—Drama

Jessica Spicer, Emergency Medical Science

Jennifer Thomas, Associate in General Education


Jeanette Bostick, Interpreter Education

Heaven Green, Interpreter Education

Keyanda Hall, Interpreter Education

Sherry Joines, Interpreter Education


Ashley Starre, Interpreter Education


Jessica Halstead, Interpreter Education

Emily Reynolds, Interpreter Education


Christopher Mehaffey, Fire Protection Technology


Alvaro Alanis, Associate in Science

Logan Allen, Office Administration

April Antoniak, Associate in Arts-Early College

Allison Austin, Interpreter Education

Arden Avery, Associate in Science

James Bailes, Emergency Medical Science

Erin Bailey, Associate in Arts

Vashti Baluch, Associate in Fine Arts

Jesse Barnett, Associate in Arts

Kacie Bates, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Carrah Beddingfield, Associate in Science-Early College

Jacob Benson, Associate in Science

Jacob Bradley, Film and Video Production Technology

Jessica Brock, Emergency Medical Science

Rahma Brown, Accounting—Pathway to WCU

Tristan Brown, Associate in Arts—Early College

Chelsa Cannon, ADN—RIBN Program

Nicholas Cannon, Criminal Justice Technology

Larena Capps, Associate in Arts

Christopher Chamberlain, Automotive Systems Technology

Pamela Clark, Business Administration—Marketing and Retailing

Jennifer Collins, Associate in Arts

Melissa Cook, Office Administration

Byron Corpening, Welding Technology

Asa Davidson, Computer Information Technology

Crystal Davis, Office Administration

MacKenzie Debruhl, Horticulture—Small Fruits/Specialty Crops Pathway

Samantha Duncan, Associate in Arts

Kendall Fields, Office Administration—Medical Office

Richard Flack, Automotive Systems Technology

Candace Fowler, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Christopher Freeman, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Ashleigh Frizzell, Criminal Justice Technology

Cynthia Garcia, Associate in Arts

David Gibson, Computer Information Technology

Kennedy Gilbert, Associate in Arts—Early College

Brad Gilliam, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

Waverly Godwin, Associate in Arts—Early College

Carrunda Greenwich, Associate in Arts

James Gunnels, Automotive Systems Technology

Sarah Hall, Associate in Arts

James Heatherly, Networking Technology

Ronald Heatherly, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Sherry Helms, Business Administration

Bradley Henderson, Emergency Medical Science

Marissa Hill, Associate in Science

Michaela Hill, Associate in Science

Hannah Holcombe, Associate in Arts—Early College

Anna Hover, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Brittney Hunter, Interpreter Education

Shanita Jackson, Associate in Arts—Early College

Brian Johnson, Physical Therapist Assistant

Chamblee Johnson, Associate in Arts—Early College

Andrew Jones, Web Technologies

Kimberly Jones, Web Technologies

Krystal Jones, Associate in Science

Alexander Jung, Associate in Science

Meghan Kalmar, Office Administration

Katlyn Kanupp, Associate in Science

Evan Kennedy, Associate in Arts—Early College

Reno Kosanke, Associate in Science

Paulette Laberge, Office Administration—Virtual Office Assistant

Mary Laughter, Early Childhood Education

Marie Lemmond, Associate in Fine Arts—Art

Breanna Leopard, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Ashley Mel, Associate in Arts—Early College

Allison Merritt, Accounting

Gary Morgan, Associate in Science

Shaula Morris, Horticulture Technology

Justin Neal, Brewing, distillation, and Fermentation

Sandra Odom, Business Administration

John Olsen, Associate in Arts

Mark Opperman, Computer Programming and Computer Information Technology

Melanie Owen, Associate in Fine Arts—Drama

Michelle Owen, Accounting, Business Administration

Raven Owen, Associate in Arts

Taylor Peace, Associate in Arts

Seth Pearce, Associate in Arts

Daniel Perez-Flores, Associate in Science

Jackie Price, Business Administration

Autumn Putnam, Associate in Science

Rachel Quinn, Associate in Arts

Dominik Rivera, Associate in Arts—Early College

D'Anna Rivera-Rojas, Associate in Arts—Early College

Warren Robinson, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Scarlett Rogers, Associate in Arts

Manuel Roman Antunez, Associate in Arts

Tonja Royall, Associate in Arts

Erick Ruano, Networking Technology

Matthew Ryan, Computer Programming

Brenda Santos, Community Spanish Interpreter

Kayla Schlichting, Associate in Science

Edward Sheffield, Emergency Medical Science

Logan Shook, Automotive Light Duty Diesel Technology

Jackie Siendho, Community Spanish Interpreter

Tarah Singh, Associate in Arts

Jessica Singleton, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Celine Skrivanek, Associate in Arts—Early College

Karl Smithson, Associate in Science

Jessica Stallings, Automotive Systems Technology

Rachel Stertzbach, Associate in Arts—Early College

Alexandra Stilber, Associate in General Occupational Technology

Ashton Storey, Associate in Arts

Michael Sullenberger, Associate in Fine Arts—Art Track

Charles Tadlock, Associate in General Occupational Technology

Jonathan Tankersley, Criminal Justice Technology

Jason Taylor, Associate in Science

Michelle Taylor, Associate in Arts

Rachel Taylor, Associate in Science

Dany Thiv, Associate in Arts—Early College

Evelyn Valdez, Associate in Arts—Early College

Shanna Vega, Cosmetology

Paige Wallace, Associate in Fine Arts -Art Track

Brian Weatherley, Computer Information Technology

Tatianna Weiler, Associate in Science

Tingyuan Wen, Associate in Arts

Silky Wheeler, Automotive Light Duty Diesel Technology

Nathaniel White, Computer Programming

Shawn Wilson, Web Technologies

Amber Woodring, Associate in General Education

Joshua Woody, Physical Therapist Assistant


Littwanda Young, Interpreter Education


Carol Elliott, Interpreter Education


Carlos Barnes, Welding Technology


Cassandra Brinkley, Interpreter Education


Jacqueline Ammerman, Emergency Medical Science

Betty Brown, Office Administration

Elisabeth Greene, Office Administration—Virtual Office Assistant

Brittany Jones, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Zachary Louis, Simulation and Game Development

Devin Williams, Criminal Justice Technology


Crystal Maynor, Interpreter Education

Susan Warren, Interpreter Education


James Gordon, Welding Technology


Abigail Arnold, Associate in Arts

Daniel Brown, Associate in Arts

John Carver, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

Laura Chapman, ADN

Christina Choun, Associate in Arts

James Crandall, Associate in Science

Madeline Dunning, Associate in Arts

Francesca Gaza, Associate in Fine Arts—Art Track

Taylor Goldsmith, Automotive Systems Technology

Leah Graves, Early Childhood Education

Joseph Hall, Emergency Medical Science

Jonathan Hendricks, Physical Therapist Assistant

Jacqueline Holden, Business Administration—Marketing and Retailing

Keith Hough, Web Technologies

Misty Hranac-Barke, Automotive Systems Technology

Emily Huggins, Associate in Science

Clark Husted, Associate in Arts

Robert Jeffers, Automotive Systems Technology

Samuel Johnson, Associate in Arts

Summer Kelley, Office Administration

Brittany Lance, Associate in Science

Sasha Lieberman, Associate in Fine Arts—Art Track

Scott Major, Fire Protection Technology

Chezney McJunkin, Interpreter Education

Christopher McKeown, Automotive Systems Technology

Spencer Meachum, Automotive Systems Technology

Fletcher Metcalfe, Associate in Arts

Elijah Mullenax, Associate in Arts

Crystal Norton, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Nathan Owen, Business Administration—Banking and Finance

Joseph Owensby, Automotive Systems Technology

Anthony Perez, Emergency Medical Science

Gregory Sentelle, Associate in Arts

Perla Silva-Canseco, Computer Programming

Victoria Simmons, Welding Technology

Moneaka Smith, Business Administration

Tammy Smith, Emergency Medical Science

Peter Tring, Associate in Fine Arts—Art Track

James Tweed, Associate in Science

Jessica Tweed, Associate in Science

Kimberly Werner, Business Administration—Banking and Finance

Matthew West, Associate in Arts

Morgan White, Film and Video Production Technology

Andrew Winslow, Automotive Systems Technology


Lisa Billings, Interpreter Education

Brandon Blevins, Interpreter Education

Janet Dills, Interpreter Education

Kortney Woodie, Interpreter Education


 Robert Hughes, Fire Protection Technology


Full-time students in degree or diploma programs can be named to the Dean’s List. For the Dean’s List, a full-time student is defined as a student carrying a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours for Fall and Spring semesters and nine (9) credit hours for Summer Term.

The student must have a minimum 3.50 grade point average to qualify for the semester under consideration. Grades of D, F, I, W, or NS will eliminate a student from the Dean’s List for that particular semester. Course work completed with a grade of “CR” issued for Credit by Exam will not count towards full-time enrollment.

A list of students attaining honors will be compiled by the Registrar each semester and sent to the Director of Marketing and Communications for publication in local and pertinent hometown newspapers.