Dean's List

The following Blue Ridge Community College students (listed with their program of study) have been named to the Dean's List for academic achievement for Spring Semester 2014:


Jacqueline Ammerman, Emergency Medical Science

Jennifer Anderson, Emergency Medical Science

Joshua Anderson, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Bobby Arledge, Fire Protection Technology

Abigail Arnold, Associate in Arts

William Ashton, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Ross Autrey, Computer-Integrated Machining

Michael Baer, Automotive Systems Technology

Baylee Bagwell, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Vashti Baluch, Associate in Fine Arts

Kassie Barnwell, Emergency Medical Science

Curtis Bass, Associate in Science

Carrah Beddingfield, Associate in Science - Early College

Ronnie Bennett, Emergency Medical Science

Rebecca Berk, Associate in Arts

Joao Bezerra, Associate in Science

Lisa Billings, Interpreter Education

James Bland, Networking Technology

Brandon Blevins, Interpreter Education

Jacob Bradley, Film and Video Production Technology

Jessica Brock, Emergency Medical Science

Carolyn Brogden, Computer Information Technology

Vivian Brookshire, Early Childhood Education

Rahma Brown, Office Administration

Dewey Budro, Business Administration

Justin Byrd, Associate in Science

McKenna Callahan, Physical Therapist Assistant

Nicholas Cannon, Criminal Justice Technology

John Carver, Collision Repair and Refinishing

Laura Chapman, Associate in Arts

Sarah Chapman, Associate in Arts

Yvonne Chapman, Office Administration - Medical Office

Katelyn Cobranchi, Interpreter Education

James Cochran, Associate in Fine Arts

Wanda Cochran, Interpreter Education

Jonathan Collier, Automotive Systems Technology

Grayson Compton, Associate in Arts

Yuririana Conejo-Perez, Office Administration - Medical Office

Christine Crawford, Criminal Justice Technology

Kelly Crow, Associate in Science

Zachary Cushing, Automotive Systems Technology

Kimberly Cushing, Early Childhood Education

Crystal Davis, Office Administration

Shannon Davis, Associate in Fine Arts - Art

David Demirgian, Associate in General Occupational Technology

Douglas Dickerson, Networking Technology

Larry Dillingham, Environmental Science Technology

Angela Donohue, Environmental Science Technology

Madeline Dunning, Associate in Arts

Nicholas Edwards, Associate in Arts - Transfer Core

Dustin Ellison, Associate in Arts

Robert Farmer, Computer Programming

Joshua Fisher, Emergency Medical Science

William Flerl, Networking Technology

Angel Fong, Associate in Arts

Tabitha Frady, Emergency Medical Science

Robert Frizzell, Computer-Integrated Machining

Marie Fuentes, Office Administration

Richard Garguilo, Computer-Integrated Machining

Christopher Garrett, Automotive Systems Technology

David Gibson, Computer Information Technology

Kristian Gilbert, Emergency Medical Science

Trussell Giles, Associate in Arts - Early College

Haley Glatzer, Business Administration - Marketing and Retailing

Jennifer Gordon, Office Administration - Medical Office

Arian Gulick, Accounting

James Gunnels, Automotive Systems Technology

Nick Haight, Associate in Arts

Keyanda Hall, Interpreter Education

Joseph Hall, Emergency Medical Science

Anne-Marie Harris, Associate in Fine Arts - Art

Jeffery Harris, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology and Alternative Transportation Technology

Sherry Helms, Business Administration

Bradley Henderson, Emergency Medical Science

Steven Henry, Welding Technology

Candice Holden, Associate in Arts

Megan Hudgins, Interpreter Education

Emily Huggins, Associate in Science

Debra Hughes, Accounting

Justin Hume, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Kevin Hurd, Automotive Systems Technology

Clark Husted, Associate in Arts - Transfer Core

Pierre Iteprat, Automotive Systems Technology

Amelia Jones, Associate Degree Nursing

William Jones, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Alexander Jung, Associate in Science

Shawna Kelem, Associate in Arts

Sarah Krzyzewski, Associate in Arts

Darian Lampke, Associate in Fine Arts - Art

Mary Laughter, Early Childhood Education

Rebecca Lemings, Interpreter Education

Marie Lemmond, Associate in Fine Arts - Art

Sasha Lieberman, Associate in Fine Arts - Art Track

Yitao Lin, Associate in Arts

Arthur Long, Computer Information Technology

Diane Long, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence

Cameron Lotz, Networking Technology

Scott MacRae, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Alicia Mahoney, Interpreter Education

Jenny Maybin, Office Administration

Christopher McCall, Associate in Arts

John McCarson, Associate in Arts

Stephen McMahan, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Elizabeth McMillan, Emergency Medical Science

Matthew McMurray, Computer Information Technology

Fletcher Metcalfe, Associate in Arts

Thalia Miller, Community Spanish Interpreter

John Modlin, Associate in Science

Brian Montalvo, Electronics Engineering Technology

Rebekah Morgan, Associate in Arts

Jesse Moses, Associate in General Education

Gregory Mosier, Associate in Science

Elijah Mullenax, Associate in Arts

Benjamin Myers, Business Administration and Business Administration - Banking and Finance

Leah Najafi, Associate in Arts

Justin Neal, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

John Nelson, Simulation and Game Development

Taylor Nicholson, Associate in Arts

John Olsen, Associate in Science

Mark Opperman, Computer Information Technology

Bryan Orr, Associate in Fine Arts

Adrienne Owen, Associate in Science

Hannah Owens, Associate in Arts

Nicodemus Padilla, Welding Technology

Janelle Palencsar, Associate in Arts

John Pannell, Film and Video Production Technology

Landis Parker, Emergency Medical Science

Seth Pearce, Associate in Arts

Mona Peters, Interpreter Education

Jessica Privette, Emergency Medical Science

Joshua Reed, Associate in Arts - Early College

Kristen Reed, Associate in Arts

Emily Reynolds, Interpreter Education

Madison Rossell, Associate in Science

Tonja Royall, Associate in Arts

Erick Ruano, Networking Technology

Matthew Ryan, Computer Programming

Steven Scroggs, Associate in Fine Arts

Gregory Sentelle, Associate in Arts

Edward Sheffield, Emergency Medical Science

Rachelle Sher, Interpreter Education

William Shipman, Welding Technology

Moneaka Smith, Accounting

Lesley Spalding, Interpreter Education

David Speicher, Networking Technology

Jessica Stallings, Automotive Systems Technology

Ashton Storey, Dental Hygienist

Adam Summersette, Computer Programming

Morgan Suttles, Associate in Arts - Early College

Charles Tadlock, Associate in General Occupational Technology

Joanne Tang, Associate in Science

Jonathan Tankersley, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence

Rachel Tankersley, Office Administration Technology

Rachel Taylor, Criminal Justice Technology

Dany Thiv, Associate in Arts - Early College

Caleb Tinsley, Associate in Science

Dylan Turner, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration

Kristina Vassallo, Associate in Arts

Shanna Vega, Cosmetology

Rosa Villanueva, Associate in Arts - Early College

Christopher Walker, Computer Information Technology

Paige Wallace, Associate in Fine Arts - Art Track

Sheila Wasch, Emergency Medical Science

Brian Weatherley, Computer Information Technology

Tatianna Weiler, Associate in Science

Tingyuan Wen, Associate in Arts

David Wheeler, Computer Information Technology

Silky Wheeler, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology

William Whitaker, Associate in Science - Wingate Pre-Pharmacy

Morgan White, Film and Video Production Technology

Dillon Whitmire, Associate in Arts

Melissa Whitmire, Associate in Arts

Labrittini Williams, Interpreter Education

Shawn Wilson, Web Technologies

Susan Wilson, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Sally Winchester, Interpreter Education

Malorie Woodruff, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Audreya Wright, Film and Video Production Technology


Full-time students in degree or diploma programs can be named to the Dean’s List. For the Dean’s List, a full-time student is defined as a student carrying a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours for Fall and Spring semesters and nine (9) credit hours for Summer Term.

The student must have a minimum 3.50 grade point average to qualify for the semester under consideration. Grades of D, F, I, W, or NS will eliminate a student from the Dean’s List for that particular semester. Course work completed with a grade of “CR” issued for Credit by Exam will not count towards full-time enrollment.

A list of students attaining honors will be compiled by the Registrar each semester and sent to the Director of Marketing and Communications for publication in local and pertinent hometown newspapers.