Your Success Is Our Mission

Continuing Education Distance Learning

For many students, taking a distance learning or online course is a new experience. Your success as a distance learning student depends on many variables. The two major variables to your success are: if you have the necessary technology skills and aptitude to become a distance learning student, and how well you can navigate the e-learning platform and course content.

The first tutorial listed below will help you determine how prepared you are to take an online or distance learning course. The other tutorials discuss the e-learning platforms that we use at BRCC. After completing the first tutorial, go through the e-learning platform tutorial (Moodle or ed2go) that your distance learning course uses.


Is Distance Learning for You?

For courses using Moodle:

  • attend the Moodle Orientation

login required (
use the enrollment key mo2013 if the course doesn't open)
Face to Face

For courses at ed2go: