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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is tuition due?

A.  Tuition due dates are published on the website. You will also receive an invoice in the mail from the Student Accounts Office after you register for the semester. This invoice contains valuable information about tuition deadlines and payment options. We also send due date reminders to your preferred email account regularly as the tuition deadline is approaching.

Q.  What are my payment options?

A.  Please see Ways to Pay page for more information about options for paying tuition and fees.

Q.  Can I make a credit card payment by phone?

A.  The Student Accounts/Cashier's Office cannot accept credit card payment by phone. However, you can pay by credit card online using your WebAdvisor account at any time.

Q.  When I try to pay online using a different credit card than my own the address that comes up for the billing address is not the billing address associated with that person’s credit card account.  How can I change that to make the payment?

A: The billing address that you see in the PayPal web payment screen is the address you have on your student records at BRCC and cannot be changed at this location. The address information that is showing here will not interfere with your payment because it is not used for verification on this screen. PayPal will verify the card number, expiration and CSV number that you enter.  Your payment will not be declined due to the billing address that is showing.  If this address is not your correct address you will need to fill out a Data Change Form either mail or deliver it to the Registrar’s Office in the Sink Building so that we can ensure your records are up to date for future communications.

Q: I applied for financial aid.  Why does it not show up in my account?
A: Financial aid will not appear on your account until your aid is processed by the Financial Aid office and you have received your award letter. This can take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks from application to award. 

In the meantime, you may consider paying in full or enrolling in the deferred payment plan until you are awarded aid.  Once the aid is applied to your account, you will be refunded any credit balance. 

Q.  I am due a refund for a class I dropped.  How will I receive that and when?

A.  Refunds will be made to the payee’s card if paid by debit or credit.  If paid by cash or check, refunds will be processed by Higher One unless exceptional circumstances exist.  A refund preference should be chosen at using the Blue Ridge Access Card that was mailed to all students at the time of enrollment in order to receive refunds in a timely manner.  Refunds for classes that were dropped within the first 10% of the semester will be written at the earliest date following the 10% point of the semester, as determined by the Division of Finance and Operations. 

Q.  I dropped my classes.  Why do I still owe a balance?

A.  Please see our Refund Policy webpage.

Q.  I have a past due balance. Now what happens?

A.  Please see our Fulfillment of Financial Obligations page for more information.

Q.  I just need to talk to someone in the Student Account/Cashier’s Office.  What number can I call?

A.  You can call (828) 694-1721 to reach the Student Accounts/Cashier’s Office directly.