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Open Computer Lab

The Open Lab is available for the students and faculty of BRCC. The Lab has Microsoft Personal Computers, as well as four Apple computers. These computers offer access to the Internet, Microsoft Office applications, and other software programs used at BRCC. Wireless access is also available.

The Lab is staffed with student monitors who are familiar with the Distance Learning online format. They are available to get you started or assist with technical support.

Various software available: AutoCad, QuickBooks, Office 2013, Visual Studio 2013, Visio

Instructors, please contact Leah Knowles (x1646) before bringing an entire class to the lab.


Henderson County Campus Open Lab 

Technology Education and Development Center
Room 102

Fall Semester 2016 Hours
Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Open only when classes are in session.


Open Lab Rules

  • The Open Lab is not for public access.
  • Faculty and students will be asked to present their BRCC Student Identification (ID) Card and sign in
  • The ID card will be held at the Lab Monitor's desk and returned upon sign out.
  • The computers in the Lab do not have speakers. If you need to access media, please bring your own headsets/earphones. The Lab will not supply those.
  • The purpose of the Lab is for academic work only.
  • Printing is available to you with your personal login and password (up to 100 sheets per semester, free).
  • The Lab monitors are available to assist you with technical difficulties such as properly saving a file, and general "processes" in your online course (such as file uploads, etc.). They cannot help you with course content such has how to do math problems, etc.
  • Please be considerate of others working in the lab, do not gather for group projects or group work.
  • Loud talking, laughing or other disruptions will not be permitted.
  • Wireless access is available inside and outside the Lab in the building's study areas.
  • No food in the Lab and only screw-top bottled drinks allowed.
  • If you need to save work you are doing in the Lab, please bring your own flash drive.
  • If you need to access files from a course CD, please ask the Lab monitor to direct you to a PC with a CD drive.
  • Online games which affect the college's bandwidth are not permitted.
  • Do not change settings, turn off, or attempt to "fix" or move any computer.
  • File sharing copyrighted materials such as MP3 files is not permitted.
  • Cell phones are to be placed on vibrate and all calls taken outside the Lab.
  • Lab phone is not for student use.
  • The BRCC Visitors policy will apply in that children should not be in the lab or using the campus network. The BRCC Visitors policy is available in the Student Handbook.
  • The BRCC Academic Honesty policy will apply. It is the student's responsibility to know and understand this policy. The BRCC Academic Honesty policy is available in the Student Handbook.