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Moodle Orientation Information:

Summer 2017 Moodle Orientation Information

Fall 2017 Moodle Orientation Information


Online Course Information:

Get the 411 for Distance Learning


Blue Ridge Community College posts a Course Requirement Outline (CRO) for every fully online course being offered in the upcoming semester.  These outlines provide students useful information that can can help them determine their ability to be successful in a particular online course prior to registering for that course.

At this time, there are no Course Requirement Outlines available for seated courses and/or hybrid courses (seated courses with online documents are available in Moodle).

"Get the 411" on requirements and outlines for fully online courses

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Types of Course Instruction: 


  • Internet:  fully online with an Instructor
  • course sections 200+ (201, 202, etc.)
  • Some IN classes may require proctored exams. Be sure to ask your instructor.

Check out the online Course Requirements (also known as Get the 411) before you register for a fully online course!


  • Hybrid: meets in class and some work online
  • some "seat time on campus", plus Internet time with an Instructor
  • course sections 300+ (301, 311, 321, 331, etc.)


  • ITV Interactive Television: scheduled Interactive TV room, plus possible work online
  • seat time at BRCC, branch, or remote location
  • usually (but not always) with Internet component
  • course sections 101, 111, 121, 131, etc.

WB =

  • WebBased or Assisted: meets all class times
  • a traditional seated course with a web (usually Moodle) component
  • supplemented by online documents
  • possible online submissions determined by instructor 
  •  could be any other section number


  •  courses are Internet based, mostly self-paced courses for personal enrichment in Continuing Education

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Important Links for Distance Learners
The icons in the top left corner of your browser are important tools in the DL landscape.

  • image envelope for email Webmail
    links to Student email (Webmail)

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Summer 2017 Moodle Orientation Information

Fall 2017 Moodle Orientation Information

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