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About Distance Learning

Do time commitments at work and at home, transportation issues, and other factors make it difficult for you to participate in traditional classroom instruction?

Blue Ridge Community College provides courses for those who prefer not to or cannot attend regular classes on campus. You may be eager to learn, but find it difficult or impossible to attend regular classes when they are scheduled.

BRCC online courses utilize the Internet, Interactive Television (some traditional "seat" time with video-conferencing), computers, audio, and some printed materials designed especially for independent study.

The top three (3) reasons for earning college credit


Oftentimes you may not be able to take the time out of your busy schedule to meet the daily classroom requirements and other obligations such as family and work. Many individuals prefer to work in the comfort of their home or office, and many corporations are investigating distance learning as a way to assist their employees in earning an advanced degree. Search the schedule in WebAdvisor for Internet or section 201 classes, or the "Location" for an Internet-Based Course
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Compared to distance learning classes, attending traditional classes can be very costly. Distance learning opportunities can save you wear and tear on your automobile, maintenance and repair costs, gas, time, parking, child care fees, lost vacation time, meal expenses, and much more.  Tuition and Fees for online courses at BRCC are the same as traditional or seated courses. There are no fees solely associated with Distance Learning courses or with verification of student identity.
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Individuals look to distance learning for a number of reasons. Whether those reasons be flexibility, convenience, cost or personal growth, most individuals find distance learning to be a rewarding experience. At BRCC, distance learning courses are as rigorous and challenging as traditional courses and do involve a great deal of reading and basic computer skills.

Although our fully online courses have no classrooms or laboratories, some courses may require on-campus examinations and you are invited to the Face to Face Orientation, particularly if you have never taken online courses in Moodle, our e-learning platform.

By using information technologies, your learning can take place even when you, your instructor and fellow students are separated by physical distance. If you are self-motivated and like to work at your own pace, a variety of classes are now offered in this non-traditional way.   For consultation or questions, please use the Distance Learning Consultation Request form or contact one of our Distance Learning Support team members.