Basic Skills & High School Equivalency

The High School Equivalency program at BRCC prepares students in language arts, math, social studies, and science so they can earn their North Carolina high-school equivalency certificate from the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges.

And while you prepare for your high-school equivalency, you can also take college courses. We will guide you to the occupations that are in demand in our area and help you succeed in your career training — all while you earn your high-school credentials.

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Basic Skills
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 


Basic Skills
Basic Skills at Blue Ridge Community College includes instructional programs to help people get ready for jobs, to prepare  for college, to earn a high school diploma or equivalent or to speak, read, write, and compute in English.  The three programs available are:

  1. adult basic education for people who need classes for reading, language, and math
  2. adult secondary (high school level)
  3. English for speakers of other languages.

Classes are offered at the Henderson County Campus, the Transylvania County Campus, and at a number of off-campus locations.  We have flexible schedules during day and evening hours. There are no tuition or registration fees for basic skills classes.

BRCC also offers transitional programs that combine basic skills and occupational education in occupational tracks that are in high demand locally.  In some cases, students in transitions programs can have tuition or registration fees waived for the curriculum or continuing education classes they enroll in while working on basic skills education.  


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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
The Academic ESOL Program at Blue Ridge Community College prepares adult students for English.. The program incorporates: phonics, reading comprehension, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, spelling, employment English, technology, American history and essay writing. These are the skills needed to function in an English speaking society.

Beginning students learn fifteen life skill topics that prepare them for everyday life situations. Intermediate students continue increasing fluency in reading comprehension, writing, speaking, listening and grammar, employment English, technology and American history. American history helps prepare students for the American Citizenship Test and history classes. Advanced students continue increasing fluency in reading comprehension, speaking, listening, grammar, writing five paragraph essays, employment English and technology. The five paragraph essay helps to prepare students for college level writing.

Certificates are awarded each semester for total hours attended and for each English level completed. ESOL classes are offered at no charge morning and evenings at the college, as well as at off-campus locations. Upon completion of ESOL, students receive an ESOL Certificate of Completion and transfer to the Adult Basic Education program where they continue studying English and improve their grade reading level. If they have a high school diploma or equivalent, they can prepare for the College placement test in order to enter Blue Ridge Community College and begin college level studies.

For more information call Nancy Bulow, ESOL Coordinator at (828) 694-1731.


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