Thursday, January 18: Blue Ridge Community College (all campuses) closed. Evening classes are canceled. 

Friday, January 19: Blue Ridge Community College (all campuses) will open at 10 a.m. due to weather conditions. Students should report to the class/lab/clinic they would normally be in at 10 a.m.

Your Success Is Our Mission
Serving Henderson and Transylvania Counties in Western North Carolina

TCC Staff Contacts


Glenda McCarsonGlenda McCarson
Associate Vice President
(828) 694-1901



Delores Hogsed, Programs Assistant

Delores Hogsed
Administrative Assistant
(828) 694-1904



Stacey Pederson, TCC Day Reception

Stacey Pedersen
Day Reception
(828) 883-2520



Maria Sentelle, TCC Evening ReceptionMaria Sentelle
Evening Reception
(828) 883-2520



Rob Rhodes, Student Services Coordinator

Rob Rhodes
Student Services
(828) 694-1905



Cecile Duval, Continuing Education

Cecile Duval
Continuing Education
(828) 694-1910



Edward Maglott, IT Help Desk, Distance Learning

Edward Maglott
Technology Coordinator
(828) 694-1887



Michele Handy, Librarian, Student Success Coordinator

Michele Handy
Librarian, Student Success Coordinator
(828) 694-1906



Kevin Spradlin, NCWorks Career Coach

Kevin Spradlin
Transylvania County NCWorks Career Coach
(828) 243-3960



Greg Cathcart, WIA Case Manager

Greg Cathcart
NextGen Case Manager
(828) 694-4751



Jennifer Owens, TCC NCWorks Customer Service AssistantJennifer Owens
TCC NCWorks Customer Service Assistant
(828) 883-2550



Kelly Cook, School Resource Officer

Kelly Cook
School Resource Officer
(828) 708-9293



Michael Golding, Public Safety OfficerMichael Golding
Public Safety Officer
(828) 708-9293



Alan Reems, Maintenance

Alan Reems
Facilities Supervisor




Joe Seelig, Custodian

Joe Seelig




Jerry Lively, Custodian

Jerry Lively