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TCC Spring picnic: two students sit in grass by chalk art on sidewalk
TCC talent show: three guys in costume sing
TCC buildings from above
TCC Student Lounge: staff and students in costume
Photo of Student Life at TCC Students outside

Student Life at Transylvania County Campus

Student Government Association

SGA coordinates student activities and serves as the official voice of the student body. All curriculum students are encouraged to attend meetings.

The Transylvania County Campus SGA members host an annual talent show and a spring picnic. They also participate in service learning events and projects, such as Red Cross Blood Drives and the Relay for Life. Join SGA to have fun, develop leadership skills, and build your resume.


2016–2017 TCC SGA Officers

Ann Green


Ann Green




Bethany Chappell


Bethany Chappell





Danny Satterfield


Public Relations Officer 
Danny Satterfield





SGA-Sponsored Meetings and Events

Fall Semester 2016    
Wed., Aug. 17
First Day, Fall Semester 2016