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Campus Safety and Security

Blue Ridge Community College is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and visitors.

Information concerning safety matters, parking, campus maps, etc., is disseminated to students and employees on both campuses through public safety presentations and as part of the college's student orientation program.





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Blue Ridge Community College offers an emergency messaging alert system as part of its comprehensive emergency preparedness plan to quickly notify students, faculty and staff of campus emergencies or campus closures via SMS text message, e-mail, voice message or any combination of the three. Participation is completely voluntary.

In the event of a campus emergency, it is vital that Blue Ridge Community College is able to contact you as quickly as possible with critical information regarding campus emergencies or closures. Students are strongly encouraged to sign-up online.

Use of this system is restricted to current students and employees of Blue Ridge Community College.


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How to Report Campus Crimes
The Henderson County Campus facilities are patrolled by uniformed deputies from the Henderson County Sheriff's Department. Criminal actions and emergencies should be reported to the deputy on duty (243-9950 cell, or 694-1770 office) and to the Vice President for Finance and Operations (694-1716) as they occur. Prompt reporting of all incidents or occurrences is encouraged to allow deputies to respond as soon as possible. In addition to completing an internal Incident Report, the College shall contact the proper law enforcement agency, if necessary, to ensure an appropriate response for all reports received. In the event of emergency, danger, injury or criminal activity, the victim/witness is advised to also call the local police, fire or emergency service within the campus jurisdiction. The emergency number in both Henderson and Transylvania Counties, both from on campus and off, is 911.

Campus Crime Statistics


Authority of Campus Law Enforcement Authorities
As sworn deputies of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department, BRCC's campus security officers have the full powers of arrest in cases involving violations of the federal, state and local law and ordinances on campus. In cases involving student discipline and violation of the BRCC Policy on Student Misconduct, the deputies coordinate their handling of specific situations with the Vice President for Student Services.

Policy Regarding Student Organizations at Off-campus Locations
Any Blue Ridge Community College sponsored student activity held off-campus will follow the same rules and regulations as if the event were held on college grounds.

Possession, Use and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
Use of alcoholic beverages or having alcoholic beverages in one's possession, either on campus or at college-sponsored functions, is strictly prohibited. Any student, regardless of age, who has or uses alcoholic beverages on campus or at a college-sponsored event may be punished by expulsion or suspension.

Possession, Use and Sale of Illegal Drugs
It is the policy of Blue Ridge Community College to promote and maintain a drug-free campus. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of controlled substances is prohibited on college premises. All students and employees are required to abide by the terms of this policy as a condition of initial and continued enrollment and/or employment.

Possession of Weapons or Explosives
The use of or possession of, firearms, ammunition or other weapons on college property is strictly prohibited. Also prohibited is the use, possession of or setting off any explosive device, fireworks, flammable liquids or objects, except for individuals authorized to do so in their line of work.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Procedures
Blue Ridge Community College is committed to preserving the safety and security of students, staff, faculty, and visitors to the college. Assault, battery and/or sexual assault will not be tolerated.

The college provides information regarding safety, security and/or sexual assault. This information is disseminated to students and employees through the College Catalog and through the Policies and Procedures Manual. Handouts, programs and seminars designed to promote awareness and prevention among students, employees, and the public are also presented periodically by Student Services.

Programs to Inform Students and Employees About Campus Security
BRCC includes information about campus security in both "New Student Orientation" sessions and Student Services orientation sessions conducted in ACA 115 Success & Study Skills classes. Information concerning campus security is provided to employees through orientation sessions for new employees and, on occasion, through faculty/staff campus information sessions.

The college encourages its students, employees and visitors to be proactive in promoting their own security and that of others on campus by always being aware of their surroundings, staying away from unlighted areas at night, walking in pairs to and from the parking lots at night, being prudent and vigilant in protecting their valuables, and reporting any suspicious persons or activities to campus authorities.