Report Crime and Safety Tips

If you have information regarding a campus crime or safety issue, we encourage you to report information to the Blue Ridge Community College Police Department using the online form below.  Providing your contact information is optional.

Consider reporting information about the following:

  • a crime or violation that has occurred on campus
  • evidence of suspicious activity on campus
  • individuals on campus who appear to be a danger to themselves or to others

Your tip will go directly to the Blue Ridge Community College Chief of Police.

To report campus emergencies or a crime currently in progress please dial 911.
You may also contact the on-duty officer at the numbers listed below:

Henderson County Campus   

(828) 243-9950
Chief of Police (828) 694-1832

Transylvania County Campus

(828) 708-9293
Associate Vice President for Transylvania County Campus (828) 883-2520

Online form to report information regarding a campus crime or safety issue:

What did you observe?
Please give detailed description of individual(s) involved. If available, information such as the following may be included: approximate height, build, hair color, ethnicity, sex, clothing, etc.
Optional: If you are willing to be contacted, please complete the "Contact Information" section.
Contact Information